qb Robotics 手掌型軟性夾爪

B0  2020年 05月24日 18:39

qb Robotics 推出了一款手掌型軟性夾爪「qb SoftHand Research」,搭配機器手臂使用,可適應不同的應用,令人眼睛一亮。規格如下:

Flexible, Adaptive & Robust

19 anthropomorphic DOFs, one synergy, one motor

Dislocatable, self-healing finger joints

Grasp force 62N (pinch configuration)

Nominal payload 1,7kg (pinch configuration)

From wide open to clenched fist in 1.1 s

USB & RS485 interfaces

ROS Compatible

UR+ Certified by Universal Robots

Weight: 500g

Feedback: motor position and motor current


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